"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I bet Cole says that between 5 and 10 times a day to me. (OCD at its best!) Bless his heart, he reminds me daily that we CAN pray for anything and everything. It doesn't matter when or where or for who..... if he feels the need or the want to, we JUST DO IT!!. Now, i have to admit that i'm not always totally comfortable (i'm more of a private prayer if you know what i mean) in public to just stop and pray for somebody but this child of mine is..........and i have been humbled by his spontaneousness more than once or twice i assure you!) so if he says we need to pray, then by golly, we will.  So, this morning when we went out of the house to go to school, another one of our kitty cats was gone. T.J. disappeared last week (we have a bobcat that lives down the road.......not good....) and when Simon, who was here last night but gone this morning, didn't show up to eat, well, i knew the ole bobcat probably had him for a midnight snack. Simon was MY cat and i just wanted to cry. Of course Cole just said, "WE NEED TO PRAY." Me of course said, "Cole i don't think thats gonna do much good honey, i think he's gone just like T.J" But, he prayed anyway, and I joined in just to go along with him.(oh me of little faith!)

Well........after Cole got home from school today, he called me at work and this is what i heard:
"well kim, THE LORD DID GOOD!!! guess who show up at our house??? SIMON!!!!


    " and all things you ask for in prayer, believing, you will receive"

thanks cole, for always giving me just what i need.   i love you to the stars and back!!

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  1. My precious, so innoocent, Cole, he is so close to Jesus, sometimes it scares me. We have prayed any time, any where & thats the way all of us "grown up"people should be, but are not.
    .. Oh Father watch over him & keep him Safe.