"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


(started this weeks ago!)
As I sit here and think, I know I'm going to leave out so much. My mind is just now clearing from the fog of tiredness and lots of lose ends.  Only last night did I come across the videos of the first moments I saw Josiah on Gotcha Day!  There was so much to take in that day and for the next 2 weeks.  But first let me just say, if it weren't for this long lost (but found again), forever childhood friend of mine......I would have never made it those 2 weeks. I kept telling her I was gonna have to up her pay! (she wishes!!)  Jayne Adams McFather, (aka Ethel, Nana, Mom), you were the "pop to my tart!"(I ate alot of those over there), the "french to my fry"(and yes we jumped for joy when we found some), the "sun in my shine", but most importantly, the "BEST in my friend"!!! I love you and thanks will never be enough for all you did for me and Josiah while we were in China.(this gal literally carried Josiah all over Nanning and Guangzhou for me!)  I'm so thankful we got to share those first moments and weeks of Josiah's new life, together.  And we will continue our journey with him, together, YOU and your family and ours. OK, now I have to share a few lovely pictures of my side kick!

Like I said, she was the FRENCH to my FRIES!
(McDonalds never taste so good!)

Giddy up pony! (getting off was pretty funny. I spared
ya that one!)

 A little water fun. Thanks Nana!

Best tastin pizza E.V.E.R.

He loves his Nana.

Ethel (in the background) and Josiah catching some Z's at the airport.

 A little meditating is always good!

Nana....you so funny!

And.......sleeping beauty one more time!! (and if I could get the other pictures off my dang laptop I'd show em your elephant get off or the attempt anyway!!)
I love you my friend.  :)

And to finish this up, and until I can put more together, here are a few more pictures!

Oh, and one other thing......this is ADOPTION AWARENESS month.  You may not feel led to adopt but there is SOMETHING you CAN do.


"You may not can change the world.......but for ONE CHILD, you can change THEIR world."