"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Monday, February 24, 2014


I know people continue to wonder "why" at our age, why with already 8 kids, why can't you just be content with what you have.  Well, I wonder sometimes too.  And then God shows me over and over again......WHY we must continue this journey that He has put before us. I could give you many reasons. But today I will only give you two!

1. I sat down this morning to have a few quite moments with the Lord and this is the first scripture I was directed to.  "For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required." Luke 12:48
Yep, we are blessed and we want to give back to the Lord. We know we are nothing without Him. He showed us the need and we said yes.(after lots of squirming and excuses!) With God, ALL things are possible.

2. This was in my email this morning from another adoptive mom. Just another family, the Wilks, much like us. It's another reason WHY we go, again. Here is what this mom wrote and it's so true. I just had to share.

Today an Orphan Died in China

This is a hard post for me to write, but its a post that must be written. 

Today an orphan died in China.
He was a beautiful, precious little boy who had his whole life ahead of him.  He was living with a foster family.  He was receiving monthly transfusions thanks to the amazing group of thal moms I call friends here in the states.  His paperwork was being prepared for adoption.  Unfortunately, any illness can have a significant effect on the severity of his thalassemia.  When an illness that caused diarrhea swept through the orphanage the last week, it was too much for his little body to handle. He passed from this life into the arms of Jesus.

My heart is heavy again today.  I will never be able to hear of an orphan dying without being overcome by sadness.  This isn't the first thal child who has died...

This sweet girl mattered too.  She deserved a family.  She deserved to get the best doctors coming to her aid.  But she lost her fight and passed into the arms of Jesus too.

I've often been asked "Why not adopt from foster care?"  I've been told that there are so many kids here in the US and we should "take care of our own" before we help the world.  I'm not going to argue these questions or points at all. 

I simply believe that children matter.  ALL children matter.  ALL children deserve to have the love of a family.  Someone to kiss their boo boos.  Someone to hug them and tell them they can do anything.  ALL children deserve to have food on the table.  ALL children should have the opportunity to get an education.  ALL children deserve to get the medical care they need to get better.

Today an orphan died in Yulin, Guangxi, China. 
And so did others... In China.  In Russia.  In Ukraine.  In Ethiopia.  In India.  In Uganda.  In Honduras.  In so many orphanages around the world these precious children, who have already experienced unimaginable loss, continue the fight of their lives.

An estimated 143 million orphans can be found in countries worldwide. 

I believe that all of us have a responsibility to these children.  God calls ALL of us to help. 

Pray for ONE.  If you need a picture, a story, and a name.  I know plenty of them.  Make one child your priority to pray for every day while they wait for a forever family to take over those prayers.

Sponsor ONE.  Amazing agencies are doing amazing work in countries worldwide.  They are making a difference everyday in the lives of children throughout the world.  I would be happy to point you in the direction of some that I know.

Foster ONE.  If you are one of those who has a heart for America's children, I encourage you to reach out to your local social services and find out what it takes to become a foster parent.

Support ONE.  At this moment, I know of at least twenty families who felt God's call to adopt a child, even though they didn't have enough in their bank accounts to cover an adoption, and took that step out to help care for ONE.  I'd be happy to show you families that you could support.

Adopt ONE.  If you think you might be willing to bring a precious orphan into their forever, please email me. MEPSCOASTIE@YAHOO.COM.  I will be happy to lead you to the agency and program that's right for you.

I pray that this message reaches you all.  I pray that a precious little boy's death will be the catalyst for something good to happen.  Today an orphan died in China, but I pray with all my heart that others won't have to.

And so we go. Only 2 "whys" of the many I could give you.  But honestly........only ONE is needed.......

We go, because HE said to.   We have to put our love "in action" or it isn't love. May you be blessed.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Our Mamaw finally met her Lord and Savior face to face on Jan. 27.
She would say, "It's been a long time comin!!"

For 93 years she breathed in and she breathed out.......LIFE.

Marrying at the young age of 14, she and my Papaw, age 16, began building a life together based on FAITH in the Lord and their LOVE for Him and each other.

Together they lived this, and they became an example for all of  us.  After papaw's passing, 21 yrs ago, our Mamaw continued this legacy up until her final days. Family was so important to her. And as we all gathered around her as she was leaving us, it became even more evident to me how deeply their faith and love had embedded itself in me.

FAITH in the Lord, and LOVE for each other.

Many times Mamaw asked me why I thought the Lord would leave her here for so long when she was so ready to leave her earthly body.

And many times I told her, "maybe it's because "I" still need you!"  But honestly, closer to the truth would be this....."WE" still needed her. We still needed her wisdom, her lessons in living, her comfort when hurting, her strength for the path ahead, her endless prayers.  We still needed and wanted very much.........HER PRESENCE.

Thanking God today and always for my mamaw and all the things she taught me about FAITH in the Lord and LOVE for each other.

What a gift.  Love you mamaw.