"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Monday, January 6, 2014


I really find it hard to believe that it's already 2014! And I can't believe its been so long since I posted anything!! So, let me catch you up to date alittle.

My last post announced that we were adopting again. That is still happening! But not as fast as I wish.
With international adoption it's always hurry up, wait wait wait, hurry up, etc. We are in that first wait wait wait period. That's one of the hardest parts of adopting! But, we did find out some answers about our little guy that we had been wondering. First of all he is well and doing as good as can be expected. No flu or colds they said. We are thankful he has not had a major illness. They also tell us he is a very happy and strong child. He does not talk but can understand when adults tell him to do something. They told us we can use body language to communicate with him! We'll be working on that! He is a good sleeper (thank goodness because Gabe was not, is not, and thinking he will never be!) but likes to wake up on his own.  Maybe he and Cole will share a room! Anyway, I was so happy to get some info on him even if it was very little. The best part though were the pictures. He has changed some from the first photo we saw of him, but still just as precious in our eyes. Oh how I want to scoop him up and love him. 

And because some have asked me, yes, he does have that extra special chromosome! We can hardly wait to have this little one as part of our family. Please pray that he will remain healthy and feel loved until we can bring him home.

Now for the rest of the bunch.

Mr. Gabe

We had a wonderful Christmas! Too much stress and worry over things that shouldn't matter(gifts), and for that I'm always ashamed. But it was wonderful to have our family all together under one roof. With the kids spread out so far, and grandbabies here and on the way, I expect that Christmas morning is going to get more hectic for all to gather here at that time. But that is only to be expected with a family as large as ours. I'm just thankful that we have been able to do it this long, and although I was very worn out when it was all over, I really do cherish the time with all our kids and wouldn't have wanted them to be anywhere but here. I love my family.

Now here are a few pictures of our big, crazy bunch!


Uncle Joey! 

Mimi, Graham and his crazy mother in the background!

My mom and daughter-in-law Erica

My boys!

Rylie, Gabe and me

My funny Casey!

Gabe and his Papa

Rylie and Garrett

Crazy boys!

All the kids and proud momma and papa.    :)