"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Saturday, December 29, 2012


TRUST ME with every fiber of your being!

What I can accomplish in and through you is proportional to how much
you depend on ME. (Sarah Young's Jesus Calling devotional for today)

I have to be honest.......I thought, maybe, in the last minute.....Putin would not sign the bill stopping all U.S. adoptions from Russia.

I wanted it to be a just a scare tactic. Just a political push and shove that would only ruffle some feathers.

Boy was I wrong.......again!

As I was wiping away my tears, my level headed, see the big picture husband,
reminded me........"Kim, GOD IS IN CONTROL OF THIS. There is more to this picture than we are seeing."

And in my head I knew that. But in my heart, all I can think about are those precious kiddos, some of who have already met their families and understand that they are coming back for them, and then the families. Oh my gosh. These kids ARE their children. Can you imagine if your child was on the other side of the world and you couldn't get to them. They are suffering and you are not allowed to bring them home where they deserve to be. Here their every need will be met. They will be cherished treasures and unconditionally loved. Can you fathom that??? I can't. So, I am doing the only thing that I can do at this time. Praying. I am praying and fasting today, along with thousands of others around the world, for these Russian children who's lives are at stake. If you feel so led, would you pray too? Amazing things happen when people come together in prayer. I believe with all my heart that God WILL have the last say here. And as Rick said, there is more to this picture than we are seeing, and we have to trust that God IS IN CONTROL.

If you would like to know more about WHY this ban on adoptions in Russia is such a big deal........go read what Tensey has to say about her son Kirill. He, like our Gabe, had already been transferred to an institution when they finally were able to bring him home. No child should have to suffer these conditions.

No child should ever be told they cannot be adopted because they have Down Syndrome.

No child should ever have to live in these conditions when there are loving families who want to adopt them and love them unconditionally.

I do not believe it is over for these kiddos.






  1. It's okay for the USA to violate the adoption treaty but awful if Russia does?

    Americans are entitled to adopt Russian kids? It's not like Russia's a sovereign nation or anything and thus within its rights to revoke the PRIVELEDGE of adopting Russian kids for any (or no) reason at all at any time.

    It's okay for RR to beak Russian law by illegally photolisting kids - presumably because Jesus loves orphans , so the ends justifies the means? That allged RR parents who brag about paying bribes to expedite their adoptions (hi kenlyn jones!!) are doing it for the right reasons, so its okay?

    Russia's not allowed to be upset about 19 dead kidssince 60000 others found good homes in the US?

    I'm willing to bet that if Russians killed 19 American kids (and provided 60000 others with wonderful, loving homss) there'd be outrage. Congress would likely pass a law to be 100% sure there would be no 20th dead kids.

    But totally evil when Russia does it??

  2. Well hello miss muffett!! By golly you are the first of your kind on my blog! Of course I'm wondering if your American or Russian. Maybe your neither. For me, it doesn't matter where your from or where the children are from. Bottom line is ALL children deserve a chance to be in a loving family environment. And although there are lots of reasons many kids don't have that......POLITICS SHOULD NEVER BE ONE OF THEM. CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS PAWNS. And yes, 19 dead children over any period of time is horrible. But more than that die in ONE DAY in orphanages and institutions in EE and other countries. Have you been and seen them in person???? Do you have children??? Do you love them??? Do you have love in your heart??? It's really quite simple. We were put on this earth to love God and to love others. Obviously, some people fail miserably at that. I never want to be one of those people. I will continue to support adoption of Russian children, Ukrainian, Chinese, African, American, etc. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT RUSSIA OR THE U.S.A THIS IS ABOUT THE CHILDREN. AND THEY DESERVE MORE from me....AND YOU.