"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Are you kidding me??? We have been waiting for 1 document now, for over 2 weeks. Our homestudy was done on Jan. 17 and all came together really quickly.......except this one piece of paper. Granted, it is an important piece of paper. I check everyday and no one seems to know WHY it isn't back. On the good side of things, our agency in NJ has asked if we thought we could be ready to travel by maybe the end of March. Heck yeah! I could be ready tomorrow!! But, we can't do anything until this one piece of paper comes back.

Soooooo, all that "hurry and get all this paper work done and turned in" frame of mind, has now turned to "wait. wait. wait."  It is VERY hard to wait when you know your little one is facing another day of life existing in an orphanage. Yes, we are one day closer to getting him out, but he is also one day closer to being transferred to a mental institute where we may possibly NOT be able to get him. Ahhh, I can't even go there. If your reading this, then you have to have some interest in our little Gabe and the journey we are on. So, would you please pray for the missing paperwork we need, to arrive, and pray for Gabe's safety and health until we are able to get to him. Thanks so much.
Hold on baby......I promise, we're coming to get you.


  1. Yes baby, you know we are praying for the day we can hug him, touch him, oh GOD please see that Gabe is warm, fed good & rocked in YOUR ARMS until he is in his "forever home." Keep him well. Thank you Sweet Jesus for this child, Father God, protect these children from anything that might hurt them..........

  2. Praying hard for you and sweet Myron (Gabe)! We are also waiting for one document - feeling your pain!

  3. Kim - I have a brand new, unopened, in original packaging, iPod Touch that I would like to donate to you to raffle off for Gabe's adoption fund. If you would like to have it, please send me the address you would like it mailed to @ either lgwilliams54@hotmail.com or my work email which is lwilliam@aldine.k12.tx.us - pleast note there is no (s) on williams on my work email. Hope to hear from you soon. Lisa W., Houston, Texas