"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Oh my, I have so much to tell. So much to share.I have seen so much in my short stay so far. I know you are all wanting to hear about it, and I will share it all soon, but for now, I want to tell about today. We headed out to see Gabe this morning, and its about a 40 min. drive from Nakhodka. The country side is absolutely beautiful. What the farmers and ranchers back home wouldn't give for this green country.

The green is so green and the valleys are lush with grass. We keep asking, "why no cows??" But then, ahhhhhh, cows! But they don't graze the lush green valleys, they graze the village paths and roads!

As we drove up the little road that led to the orphanage, I wondered how Chrissy was going to re-act to what she was about to see. The prior visits that Rick and I had been to had left my heart and his torn in many pieces. So many kids. Some stood back and just watched us, but some came running to us, wanting to know our names and just have some kind of contact with us. The first day we were there, I had to dig down deep and pull myself together and smile for these kids. And with God's help, I did just that. But I wondered how Chrissy would take all this, I mean being my daughter and all, she does have her mothers emotions at times, and I just didn't know how she would re-act. But this day would be different than the other days that Rick and I had been there. Today, there were no kids running to meet us.There were no kids asking questions. There were no kids playing on the swings or sitting in the sheds. And thank goodness, there were not the screaming and crying and wailing sounds we had heard coming from Gabe's building. No. Not today. I think God knew I needed, and maybe Chrissy needed, to focus on the good today. And so today, only Gabe was outside with us and we spent our time playing with bubbles, walking, reading books and eating cookies. (OMGosh this boy loves to eat!)

After our time outside, we went in for a little bit before it was time for him to go to lunch. When the lady came in and said it was soup time (literally), ole Gabe was ready to go! But not before he put up all the toys we were playing with. He is very neat and orderly but sure has a mind of his own! Now we will have two of them in the house with this!! After our "see ya laters", we went to the car for the drive back to Nakhodka.
Waiting for us there was Sveta, our lady in country, and a lady that worked at the orphanage. Sveta had gone and bought 3 large trash bags full of yarn with some of the money we had given as a donation  to the orphanage. We were introduced to her and she wanted to take us and show us what this yarn was used for. We went through a maze of halls and up some stairs to what looked like a classroom in one of the old buildings.  This was the room that this woman used to teach some of the kids how to make things with this yarn. I was so over come with emotions that I couldn't hold them back this time. To get to see that there IS some good things going on for these kids was so needed for me. Once again, God provided just what I needed for this day. And when Chrissy told her that she was so talented, she simply said, " oh, its A GIFT FROM GOD. She also gave each of us something that was made by the kids. I really felt this womans heart for these kids. And my heart was blessed. 

These are just a few of the things they make. When they get several done, they are taken to the market and sold and the money used at the orphanage. I can't to tell you how much I needed to see this. These kids are just like our kids at home. They just need and want someone to love them and give them a chance. What we have seen here, we will never forget. We will never be the same. But today, I saw good things. I saw love in this womans heart for these kids and for God and THE GIFT He gave her to share with them.

Please say a prayer for the unloved and unwanted kiddos in this world. 406 of them within my reach each day. And believe me....I want to reach out and touch each one.


  1. Hey! Kim and Family:

    I am so blessed just reading your blessings! God Is Good!

    Safety and prayers for your journey Home!

    Jeanne' S.

  2. Just beautiful, your words touch my heart so very much. God's blessings, pray your trip home with GABE will be smooth & safe. I am so thankful Chrissy is with you & Gabe, so very thankful................
    My love & prayers are with you, Chrissy & GABE,