"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I can hardly see to write this cause the tears of thankfulness are flowing faster than I can wipe them away!  Little KIRILL DAVIS who's adoption came to an abrupt stop afew months ago because the judge and prosecuter said NO to his adoption, is finally COMING HOME. The NO came as a complete surprise to everyone in the courtroom that day. His parents, their adoption team and everyone who had been following their adoption couldn't believe what they were hearing. The NO was given because he is considered special needs. He was born with down syndrome. A life sentence that was to be carried out in an orphanage for the first 5 yrs. of his life and to be finished off in a mental institute where the conditions were unthinkable and I choose to not even write about at this time. But, OUR GOD OF MIRACLES, OUR GOD OF WONDERS, ........He had different plans.
After an appeal to the Supreme Court and months of waiting, their court date arrived and yesterday they prayed for a miracle. They prayed that the courts would overturn the NO previously given to them and grant them a NEW court hearing.  Well, they didn't grant them a new court hearing........they didn't need a new court hearing because the Supreme Court overturned everything and gave them a YES..... not for a new hearing, but a YES, this child is now yours.......effective IMMEDIATELY!!!!  I wish I could tell you the whole story so you could see how God has worked in these people and others who have been involved with this adoption.  Its just the neatest thing to be apart of this. Here is Kirill and his mom.

And, if that wasn't enough to move your heart.....here's another GOD THING that I found out just after I learned about Kirill.

This is Brady when I first learned about him

This is Brady now and his soon to be dad.

Brady has been living in the land of "the lost boys." He was the tinest among many, and he, like the others, faced a life of nothing. That is until the Hartman's saw a post by Julia. God began to work on them and began preparing their hearts to bring this child into their family. After lots and lots of road blocks and heart wrenching details.........."Brady" is now Judd Denis Hartman.  Another victory for the "least of these."

A happy Brady!

If you have time and you want to know alittle about what a day in the life of an orphan is like.......you should click on the links above that are highlighted.  If you want to know what its like to be the mom or dad that is praying for this child to be theirs and are encountering set back after set back, then you should really click on the links above that are highlighted. 

But, if you are just in need of alittle glimpse of what our GOD OF MIRACLES can do and IS DOING on behalf of these little ones and the families that are answering His call.....then you MUST click on the links above that are highlighted, because:



They will be the first to tell you......this victory is nothing that they have done. They are giving all the glory to the ONE that sent them.

Please remember that there are so many others that need a family to come for them. Go to REECE'S RAINBOW and see where the Lord might be calling you. There are several ways to help these kiddos and they need is so great. 

We have no recent news on Gabe. Still just waiting on a court date and believe me, the waiting is drivin me CRAZY!!! So, if you have time, you might throw a prayer up for "patience for Kim!"  Thanks for contining this journey with us. Blessing to you and yours! 

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