"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When he walked into the room.....he was immediately ours. His skin is so soft. His body is so little and fragile. His voice was music to our ears. "Mama. Papa", he said. Yep.....he's a keeper!

We got to visit about an hour with him and it was all I could do to let him go back with his caregiver. But, we told him we would be back tomorrow. He gave Rick a kiss on the cheek and then me. I'm all teared up just thinking about his sweetness. He was alittle shy at first but as soon as one of the ladies said, "Dima, dance for them"...... he did alittle break dancin!!! We borrowed Jrs. I Touch to take with us and when Rick put on some Lynard Skynard, he just got with it now!! He loves to dance!

The bubbles were a big hit too!

So what do you think???  We think he is precious. We KNOW we are blessed beyond measure!

I will be posting more as the week goes, but for now, I'll leave you with this:

Gabe blowing Mama a kiss


  1. Oh girl. I am in tears. Sounds like a wonderful visit. In one week I'll be the one meeting my boy for the first time. This just makes me all the more anxious to get over there!
    I'm so happy for you both. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  2. It is so wonderful to see "our Myron" with his momma and daddy! Soaking it all in - loving your pictures!! We are also "in country" we will travel to "region" tomorrow and hopefully see our Dusty & Sonya on Thursday. Praying for you all!
    Blessing and big hugs from our family!
    The Hinzes

  3. Love you and Praying....he is adorable...made me cry!!!!!! Kristi moeller

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Thank you for letting us share this with you guys! love ya! Charlotte

  5. Kim, He is adorable. I am so excited for yall. I know the Lord is smiling down
    with great joy.

  6. What a blessing, thoughts and prayers with love from Richard and Pam Garrett

  7. What a beautiful boy and a beautiful family! God Bless you all!