"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Monday, May 21, 2012


                                       2012 JR. SR. PROM                                         

It couldn't of been more perfect. And all because of this sweet young lady who wouldn't have it any other way.

On his cherished wizard lawnmover, other wise known as old betsy!

And instead of throttle down, he did throttle up!
But no problem.....just a little backfire and smoke!!!!

Being a gentleman and helping her off :)

Morgan showing him how to escort her. (we practiced this but he was kinda nervous and forgot.)

Now introducing.....Cole Lawrence and Morgan Hendrix
(and my heart at this point was busting with pride:)  )

The theme of the prom was "The Roaring 20's". After their meal they had a DJ there and they danced the night away!! I was told that Cole did not sit out even one dance! He loved it and told me as we were leaving, "man mom, I partied my butt off!"
And I'm guessing he did cause he hasn't stop complaining about his legs hurting since we got home Sat. night and this is Monday!

This is Rylie, our baby girl, and she wasn't just real happy about having to wear this attire but I thought all the girls looked cute. She is a sophmore and their job was to serve the food and help out where needed. And I felt better knowing that Rylie was there just in case Cole needed her or she needed to call me to come sooner than I had planned. But thank you Lord, there was no need for a phone call. Cole had the time of his life and handled everything very well I was told. All the kids made him truely a part of this prom. His teachers were wonderful and even invited us to attend, but I knew he would be better without me there.(why are your kids always better for someone else???) Anyway, it was really a special night. And I told my oldest daughter, while filling a bucket with all the tears I was cryin, that for just a few minutes......it was like all his special needs were taken away and he was just a normal young man headed out for a night of fun with his date and all his friends.

And then the fog cleared, and there was my boy. My shining star. My guiding light.

Very seldom do I use that word......normal. I really don't like it. I'm not even sure what the heck "normal" means.

But if it means trying to change this boy so that he "fits in"......

then I want no part of it.

Nope, we'll keep him just the way God made him.
We'll take all his "needs specialties"......the ability to see the unseen and hear the unspoken, the gift of perseverance, the ability to enjoy the simplest of simple, the art of knowing NO GREY AREAS.....it either is or it isn't, the confidence to say whats on his mind and heart(yes whether good or bad) and the beauty and insight he has of heaven  and his fearlessness to express and share this gift with anyone, anytime and/or anywhere he feels the need. 

Yes sir, the way I see it, his special needs abilities have taught me, and others, many valuable lessons, and I think if we were all more like Cole, this old world would be a much better place to live in.

(and he says, "one time or twice times?")


  1. Kim I LOVE every single word of this! It is perfect and truer than true! It makes my heart feel so big and happy to know how Cole's classmates love him and accept him. He is a precious soul and I agree that the world would be a much better place with more Cole Lawrences in it! Or at least if more of us were more like him! I know many would say how lucky Cole is that Morgan wanted to go to the prom with him (and what boy wouldn't think that?!) but I bet if I asked Morgan, she would tell us that she was the lucky one, having Cole as her date for the prom! You have raised him up right, Kim! <3

  2. My heart is grinning from rib to rib, cuz my mouth couldn't smile that big. Oh how HE loves us...

  3. I can't quit crying! I love Cole and all of you so much!! Thank you for sharing the storybook evening! He is truly a gift from God, he makes me smile and feel better evey time I talk to him or have a message from him, I leave them on my phone a long time so I can listen repeatedly. But when he called me the other day here to pray for me I can't describe the blessing as I felt not just Cole's sincere love, but the love of Jesus so pure and true. Thank you Kim for your obedience to the King to rescue Cole from his earthly situation to bring him across the world...God uses him every single day to touch so many hearts. Best prom ever!!:)) give that boy a hug from me!! Love you all

  4. I feel very blessed that I was a parent at the prom working that night so that I could witness this amazing young man and the experience he had as well as the positive affect he had on the other students and teachers. I know that my Taylor has told me on many occasions since Cole has come to school in Munday how much he has touched her life. He is a great young man!

  5. WOW! What a gift these little people are to our lives. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to be a part of their lives. Cole is simply amazing! I absolutely love that he is living life to the fullest. That's a GOD thing...

    Kim, I've heard many times that birth is an act of nature and adoption is an act of GOD! I could not agree more.

    People often tell Doug and me that Em's is a very lucky girl...we quickly say, "we are the lucky ones...". You are blessed to have Cole in your heart forever... He found his Forever Family. Love you!

    Melissa Allensworth

  6. Kim this journey you have chosen is priceless ...papaw is smiling down on you and yours...

  7. Kime, isn't he the best looking young man, when those braces come off, he will really be handsome. I'm so proud of him, happy he had a good time & Morgan was the perfect date for him. I can hardly wait until next year, prom & graduation. We may have to up-grade Betsy to a golfcart. What fun...... Cole is an Amazing boy & Cole & his family serve an ANAZING GOD. You, Chrissy, Casey & GABE are an inspiration to me. Pa & I are so blessed to live here, just a stones throw away...
    We love you so much....Thank you Jesus....... Mom