"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, in case you haven't heard yet......YES WE ARE ADOPTING ANOTHER LITTLE BOY!!!.  This will be my 3rd adoption, the first being a domestic one and now 2 international.  The little one will join our seven others and they will be our GREAT EIGHT!!!   Now for those of you that may be reading and don't know us.....there will be only 3 of them at home(the others are already out on their own....well, for the most part!) . Our new litttle guy is coming from Russia(can't be more specific just yet in order to protect his idenity). But i can tell you he is 4 1/2, he has down syndrome and strong facial features of fetal alcohol syndrome, he has blonde hair and he is precious. (his caregivers say he is happy most of the time and likes to sing and dance!) Other than that.....i don't know much about him yet.  We have done lots of paperwork the last few days and had our homestudy visit last night.(Now, talk about sitting on pins and needles when she visited with cole lawrence by himself!!!!!lol) He is excited and can hardly wait to teach him MUST BE SANTA!!! I told him that Gabe would be his #1 student!   I know you are wondering WHY and HOW this all came about...again. I will share that in a few days and i hope you will keep coming to this blog to follow us on this journey.  Its going to be a long, rough ole ride, but I know the One riding next to me and we will be just fine.  Wow.....THE JOURNEY HAS BEGUN.


  1. Kim this is so exciting...I have missed you lately. How about your grandmother? Haven't heard anything since Sunday. Can't wait for you to bring that little guy to church so we can all love on him. Love you girl.

  2. Kime, I love his picture, every time I leave the pc he appears, the first time he popped up, it sorta took my breath, now I just smile & watch him, I alredy love him so & can't wait to hug his neck & love him FOREVER & ever..........
    Thank you Lord for being so FAITHFUL to a non deserving, old grandmother& thank you Kime for not giving up, Rick, you are a wonderful man, son-in-law & father to your 8 children. I just stopped to wipe my tears & there was Gabe on the screen.