"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


From a humble prayer and a CLEAR sky.........God sent the rain.......and Cole said, "the Lord hear us Kim!"
I remember that day so well. My precious and oldest daughter had just left us to go to England to finish her masters degree and cole and i were very sad that she was leaving us and that there would be an ocean separating us. I was sitting in the office in tears after she left and cole came in to see about me and said, "lets pray to the Lord that gig (thats her nickname) be safe." And so we did and then he went out to play. I got on the computer and was reading something when he came up behind me and said, "mom!".  I didn't turn around because I WAS BUSY reading something. Finally he said, "KIM, look at me!" When i turned to do just that, i saw that he was drenched!! Sopping wet!  I said, "WHAT did you do???!! He said, "the Lord hear us Kim! He sent the rain to say us!"  He meant HE, the LORD, sent the rain to TELL us that He heard our  prayer and gig would be ok. Now on most days when the sky is blue and alittle shower pops up, i call that a cotton shower and think nothin else about it. But on this day.....cole called it GOD. He chose to see God, to FEEL God, in the rain that fell on him. 
I wonder how many times i miss out on GOD'S TOUCH because i'm so caught up in the storms of my life. How many times i miss out on recognizing little reminders that the good Lord gives me each day to see and feel His grace.
Lord help me to be more aware of Your presence as i go about my days. 

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  1. Oh that boy, i would so like to get into his brain & be able to see his thoughts, his prayers and his love for God, I know without a doubt that he was born for us, i can be so down & he will call saying "hi lil' momma, how is your day going?" What an AMAZING GIFT GOD GIVES !!!!