"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Friday, April 20, 2012


Every morning, hopefully before my day gets going, I go to this blog for a daily cup of reality. If you go there, you might think REALLY??? instead of REALITY. Most of the time, its not pretty. Most of the time Julia is pleading for the lives of children whose society said, "they have no potential." She and I both know what it is like to adopt one of these kiddos. She and I both know how WRONG society is. And slowly but surely, her advocating along with others, has brought change to some of the orphanages in Eastern Europe. Hearts are being reached. God is moving mountains. BIG MOUNTAINS. I have several kids that I consider "mine" and I keep up with them. Praying for them and waiting to see if  some one goes for them. And thank God, many of them now have a family. I continue to watch in amazement how God works things out for those who share HIS heart. I have watched THOUSANDS of dollars pour in in as little as 24 hrs. to help different families bring their child home. I have watched families who have barely gotten their kids home turn right around and go again because they know what happens if they.......if WE.......don't. I go to Micah Six Eight for a good cup of reality because I love to see God at work. God's heart is for the orphan and He will continue to move mountains if we continue to be faithful to His calling. WE are His hands and feet on earth. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. No more excuses. Time is running out for so many of the kiddos.  Be the difference. Save a life. Go to Reece's Rainbow and see how you can help.

Keegan- 1yr.old
His baby orphanage is closing and he will go to a mental institution for 5yrs. and older because he has down syndrome.

Sarah- 6yrs.
Sarah only has 2 weeks to be found. She is in an orphanage in Bulgaria called Plevin. It is a horrible place. In her country files are only given to an agency for a short period of time and her time is almost up. Sarah has CP.

Nicky- 4yrs.
He is tiny. He needs his mama to find him soon.

Lily has waited sooooo long. She has a significant heart defect and needs a family soon.


He has a heart defect and is facing the institution soon.

She is facing the institution soon.

All of the above kiddos have sizeable grants of over $4000 in each of their accounts. Some have way over that amount.

Don't let money be your excuse for NOT saving one of these kids.

God will not let you down. He will provide everything you need. He will lead you on the most amazing journey of your life.

Go get a cup of REALITY.

Go to here or here.

Go be inspired.


  1. Thank you, my precious child. On this Mother's Day, I am so very thankful to be your Momma, to be able to share your four children with you. You are so faithful to Our GOD & Savior, you are an amazing Mother to your kids & to Ricks kids.

    I love you so much & thankful for taking care of Daddy & myself & I know thats not easy to do.

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mom

  2. Hello...this is tj gardner...keegans dad...thank you for caring about my son...please contact us at heygardners@yahoo.com as we have some great news and would love for you ro share on your blog...have a blessed day!

  3. Greetings, we are a Christian based non profit mission agency, working for humanity since 1990, helping and serving the poor, destitute and untouchable children by imparting education, food clothing and medical care along with teaching and preaching the word of God to the local people and building the kingdom of God for eternity.
    At this time we have orphanages and schools, there are 400 children in our care in different areas, we have been facing shorage of workers to take care of the work on voluntary base, we welcome our friends world wide from different creataria teachers, nurses students in gap year preachers, electricians technical trade worker for construction.
    We will take care of food and accomadation, let us work for the humanity to bring transformation in many live and make a difference in the society. We wish to partnership with like mindedmissions and associations.
    With love
    Joseph Raju