"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today during childrens church, the message for the kids and all the rest of us for that matter, was this......JESUS LOVES ME.  ME.   No matter who you are, where you are, what you've done, what your gonna do......Jesus loves us.   That should be enough to put a smile on our face everyday.  We don't have to do anything. Not one thing to gain this love.  Its just there waiting for us no matter what.  Wow.  We ended our praise time with the song "Jesus Loves Me."  I cried through the whole thing! (no surprise to some!) "Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong."   My thoughts went to Gabe and the first 3 things I taught him while still in Russia. One was a thumbs up and me saying "good." The next two were "I love you" with hand gestures and the song, "Jesus Loves Me", also with hand gestures.  The most important thing I wanted him to know before anything else was that I loved him and Jesus loved him.  No, I know he didn't understand the meaning behind this at the time but I believe he is learning it more each and every day.

The tears are rollin down may face right now because of the many little ones where Gabe was, that may never get to hear the words, I love you and Jesus loves you. They will never know the words to "Jesus Loves Me." My heart continues to break for them.

We are so blessed and fortunate to be able to sing to, and tell our little guy, that we love him and most importantly......JESUS LOVES HIM.  Wow.  My cup runneth over.  :)

So, in case you have forgotton today.....JESUS LOVES YOU!!  and to remind you, Gabe's gonna sing it for ya!   Blessings to you and yours and I pray that someone, somewhere today, said "yes Lord, send me."


  1. Oh he is just so cute! Thank you for sharing that with us. I can't wait until Zeb starts to talk more. His vocabulary is growing, but most of the time he won't attempt to say the things we know he can.

  2. Thanks for posting Gabe's singing. I keep hearing many good reports on his progress. This was precious!