"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him" 1Samuel 1:27

Monday, November 7, 2011

First ER trip!

Well, our little monkey had his first visit to the ER. Seems he was trying to climb up on the bar stool and turned it over on him. It landed just right on his bare foot and chopped the end of his big toe off. I was at the stove cooking supper and had my back to him, but heard the crash and him scream. When I turned around, he was holding his foot and blood was everywhere. I didn't think it was so bad until I saw his toe stuck to the bar stool. (too much info??!!!!) Then I knew we were in trouble. Bless his heart. He never cries but he was beside himself with pain and fear. We hurried to the hospital with his toe in a cup of ice (i know....too much info)and hoped for the best. He is a trooper I must say. As we drove the 20 miles, I sang his favorite songs to him and he would join in with hand gestures and words he knew, all the while still crying too. They chose not to try to sew back on what was ripped off, but to let it try to heal as it is. It was either this or go to a surgeon who would have to take off more of the toe in order to repair it, and then that would have left him with balance problems they said. Soooooo, we are hoping and praying that we made the right decision and things will go smoothly with the healing. The doctor said it would take weeks for it to heal but really felt this was the best way to go. Gabe on the other hand thinks this is a bunch of bull!! He has tried to walk a few times and that ends with frustration and whining. We know it must be very painful for him to sit around and not be on the go. If you will, please say a little prayer for him. Thanks guys! Besides that bit of excitement, everything else has been running pretty smooth. We are just having lots of fun with this boy and wonder what we ever did without him! Here are afew pictures of the last few days. Bless you and yours!

a favorite of his.

say what?

say hi santa!

doing his daily report.

Now I know why his glasses are so scratched,

the dinosaur ate them!

poor baby:)

gotta have his bath!

Some lovin from Paw.

Last but certainly not least, this was ORPHAN AWARENESS SUNDAY, and although I didn't do a post about this, I will in the next few days. Also, the month of November is Adoption Awareness Month. Oh my, theres so much I could say about this. What a blessing adoption has been to me and my family. Thank you Lord for choosing me and for sending me. I am blessed.

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  1. So sorry about Gabe's accident. What a sweetheart..love that smile. I will pray for his toe to heal as good as new.